The Black is Back Coalition for Peace, Social Justice and Reparations having thoroughly discussed the basis of agreement between the organizations of the coalition, commit to upholding the following principles of unity

  1. Hence forward we will define the character of the coalition as Anti-imperialist. Furthermore we unite with the principle to fight against imperialism in all of its manifestations such colonialism, neo-colonialism, zionism, military occupation, proxy wars, and economic embargoes and trade restrictions. Equally as important we recognize and agree that there is an undeclared war devastating African people in the U.S.
  2. We agree with the principle of equal democratic representation and voting rights of the organizations within the BIBC.
  3. We agree to respect the ideological differences between the organizations of the coalition.
  4. We agree to resolve our disagreements resolved through a democratic voting process
  5. We stand in solidarity with the anti-imperialist resistance occuring all over the world
  6. We agree that African people worldwide must have self determination and that the oppressed peoples of the world must have self determination as well.
  7. We agree that African people worldwide are due reparations from the colonialist/ imperialist powers of the world