I. Description

The BIBC is an organization of organizations. It is the political instrument in which the member organizations and individuals exercise united political will and action in anti-imperialist resistance. The BIBC is an activist organization that believes in self determination for African people and is lead by African people. In addition, while the coalition exercises united political will, it also recognizes that the representative coalition organizations have different political philosophies. Furthermore, the BIBC recognizes the right of each organization in the coalition to work independently on issues affecting the African community.


A. Requirements for Membership in the BIBC are as follows:

1. Any active local, state, regional, national, or international organization which is in agreement with the BIBC Principles.

2. Any active local, state, regional, national or international organization which agrees to work cooperatively and in good faith with other BIBC organizations

3. Any active local, state, regional, national or international organization that completes a join form and is approved for membership by a majority vote of the Steering Committee (A quorum of 60% must be established for a legal vote for acceptance into the coalition to take place)

4. Any active local, state, regional, national or international organization which pays the established Membership fee for joining.

5. Any individual who completes a join form, agrees with the principles of the BIBC, and who agrees to work in good faith with the BIBC member organizations and individuals and pays the required yearly membership for individuals

6. Membership fees for the BIBC and Payment information

a. International organization (operating in more than one country) – $200

b. National organization- (operating in more than one state or province in a single country) – $150

c. State, local, or provincial organization-(operating in a single state, province or city) – $50

d. Individual Membership-$25

e. Payment location and contact information for the BIBC

1. PO Box 55601 Washington, DC 20040
2. Phone: (202) 681 7040
3. E-Mail: Web: BIBC Note: Steering Committee will send to its member organizations annual dues notices at least 60 days before the due date of December 1st of each calendar year.

III. Governing Structure

A. International Steering Committee- The highest decision making body of the BIBC. The members of the International Steering committee will be comprised of the Coordinating Committee, working group leaders, and representatives of the different organizations that are approved for membership by the sitting International Steering Committee. The Coordinating Committee handles the day to day operation of the BIBC. The BIBC will strive to have representation of the different member organizations on the steering committee in general and the Coordinating Committee in particular. Steering Committee membership will be open to organizational representatives. To qualify for membership on the steering Committee, candidates must be African, their organization must be in good standing, and they must receive a majority of votes cast by the Steering Committee after a 60% quorum has been established before the vote. For candidates for the Steering Committee who are not representing organizations must be in good standing and must receive the majority of votes cast by the steering committee after a 60% quorum has been established. Each member organization will have one representative on the Steering Committee unless the Steering Committee deems it necessary to make an exception to this rule to maximize efficiency. The Steering Committee may add members with a simple majority vote after establishing a 60% quorum.

1. Working Groups of the BIBC- The working groups are sub committees of the Black Is Back Coalition that carry out specific areas of work designated by the Coalition. The Steering Committee may develop other working groups as needed to speak to issues or tasks that would forward the work of the coalition.

a. Reparations

b. Political Action

c. Media

d. Outreach

e. Research


B. Coordinating Committee- The Coordinating Committee is the executive leadership body of the BIBC, and will exercise the authority of the BIBC between meetings of the Steering Committee. The Coordinating Committee will have the authority to act on behalf of the BIBC and they are the official spokespersons for the BIBC. The Coordinating Committee will be elected by the Steering Committee. The coordinating Committee may hire paid staff to operate the office or perform other essential tasks deemed necessary by the Coordinating Committee and approved by the Steering Committee. Approval of staff hiring will be done after a 60% quorum of the steering Committee is established for that decision.

C. Job Descriptions of the Coordinating Committee

1. Chairperson- The Chairperson will lead all meetings of the Steering Committee, general membership, and the International conference. Make the agenda for said meetings, act as the primary spokesperson for the BIBC and act with the authority of the BIBC between meetings of the steering Committee and International conference

2. Vice Chairperson- The vice Chairperson will act on behalf of the Chairperson when the Chairperson is unavailable or unable to serve in their capacity. Advise the chairperson on strategy and act as a secondary spokesperson for the BIBC

3. Membership Coordinator- The Membership Coordinator will be responsible for the processing of membership applications from organizations and individuals. The Membership coordinator will design and coordinate the implementation of the recruitment plan of action. He/she will develop the Membership Recruitment Committee with the objective of recruiting new organizations and individuals into the coalition. Set monthly numerical recruitment goals and objectives.

4. Secretary- The secretary will take minutes for all steering committee and general membership meetings. Will assist the Chairperson in preparing the agenda for all meetings, and act as the main channel of communication between the BIBC and other organizations, institutions, Government agencies etc. Will be responsible for checking mail and e-mail directed to the BIBC and distribute said mail to the appropriate persons or working group

5. Treasurer- The Treasurer will maintain the banking account of the BIBC, make deposits and act as a signer on the BIBC bank account. The treasurer will issue a written financial report to the Steering committee on a monthly basis.

6. Fundraiser Coordinator- The Fundraising Coordinator will have the primary responsibility to develop and implement the fundraising plan. Deliver all funds from fundraising events to the treasurer in a timely manner and issue written fundraising reports to the Steering Committee on a monthly basis.

7. Political Prisoners Working Group (PPWG) Chair- The PPWG Chairperson will preside over the PPWG meetings, develop a plan of action for the BIBC approach to the question of political prisoners, educate the BIBC and the general public on political prisoners and help to create a position statement on political prisoners. Present a monthly report on the work of the PPWG at the Steering Committee meetings and at the International Conference. Will alert the BIBC to specific needs and actions of particular political prisoners.

8. Reparations Working Group (RWG) Chair- The RWG Chairperson will preside over the meetings of the RWG. Develop the plan of action for the RWG. Educate the BIBC and the general public on the reparations struggle of African people. Present a monthly Report on the work of the RWG at the Steering Committee meetings and the International Conference.

9. Political Action Working Group (PAWG) Chair- The PAWG Chairperson will preside over the meetings of the PAWG. The Chairperson will develop the plan of action for actions to be undertaken on behalf of the BIBC, such as demonstrations, panel discussions etc.

10. Media Working Group (MWG) Chair- The MWG Chairperson will preside over the meetings of the MWG. The MWG Chairperson will develop a plan of action to advance the media strategy of the BIBC and will be primarily responsible for developing media contacts, organizing and conducting press conferences and maintaining relationships with the press and assure that the BIBC gets extensive use of BIBC members’ media institutions.

11. Outreach Working Group (OWG) Chair- The OWG Chairperson will preside over the meetings of the OWG. The OWG Chairperson will develop the plan of action for distribution of BIBC material. The OWG will have a Propaganda design sub-committee which will be the ultimate responsibility of the OWG Chairperson.

12. Research Working Group (RWG) Chair- The RWG Chairperson will preside over the research committee meetings, and act as the primary researcher for the BIBC. Locate information for presentations, educate the BIBC on a number of topics at the direction of the Steering Committee.

D. The Term of Office for Steering Committee Members- The term of office for the Steering Committee shall be one year or the duration of the period between each Annual Conference. The term of office for steering committee members elected between annual conferences shall be effective until the next annual Conference after their election.

IV. International Conference(IC)

The meeting where reporting, planning, and discussion of plans occurs. The BIBC International Conference will be held on an annual basis in July, unless otherwise stipulated by the Steering Committee. The International conference will consist of the member organizations, working groups and individuals of the BIBC. Potential members may also apply and be considered for membership into the BIBC at the conference per the discretion of the Steering Committee.

A. Member organizations are encouraged to send representatives to the BIBC International Conference.

B. The Steering Committee will solicit discussion by the International Conference attendees on the location for the next International Conference, strategy, program and general direction, and all member organizations and individuals are encouraged to be active on at least one of BIBC’s working groups. The International Conference will have a plenary at its conclusion to consolidate the organization’s plans of action.

C. The international Conference shall occur annually or on such a time that is practical within the context of the work of the BIBC


V. Election of the Coordinating Committee and Voting Rights and Procedure

A. The Coordinating Committee will be elected by the Steering Committee on an annual basis on a date in July or on an alternative month and date determined by The Steering Committee. Only members in good standing will be allowed to vote for the Coordinating Committee. Good standing for the purposes of voting will be defined as organizations and individuals with their annual membership dues paid in full.

B. Voting Rights and Procedures

1. Eligible voters for the Steering Committee election will be members of the steering Committee who are in good standing and present at the meeting where the vote will occur.

2. Eligible voters for resolutions, policies or procedural changes put on the floor at national and international conferences will be the steering Committee members present at the meeting where the vote will occur. Being “present” at the meeting is defined as physical presence or being connected by phone. a. A democratic process of full discussion of issues, policies, protocols and procedures by all individual and members and organizational representatives, will be in implemented at the general meetings and at the International Conference of the BIBC. b. Voting rights of individuals at general meetings and at the International conference will be facilitated through their participation in the working groups. Each working group is represented on the Steering Committee.

3. No Proxy voting will be allowed in any election or policy vote during a BIBC proceeding. Steering Committee members attending a meeting via phone may legally cast votes on resolutions, policies, or procedural changes.

4. Repeat of a vote will only be allowed in the event of a tie vote. In the event of a repeat tie vote the sitting Coordinating committee shall decide based on a majority vote of the Coordinating Committee as to who will fill the seat being contested or procedure/ policy being debated. In the event the Coordinating Committee tie breaker vote also ends in a tie, then the Chairperson of the BIBC will make a “tie breaker decision” to bring the question to a resolution.

VI. BIBC discipline of Member Organizations and Individuals

A. Procedures for Removal of Member Organizations or Individuals

1. An organization that is represented on the Steering Committee and does not participate actively and regularly in the work of the Steering Committee can be removed by the Steering Committee by a simple majority vote after establishing a quorum of 60%.

2. In cases involving misconduct, i.e. theft from the BIBC, gross violations of the BIBC political principles, offenses against the masses of African people etc., The Steering Committee will first launch an investigation and notify the alleged offender/s, and upon a finding of cause for the allegation/s, will set a due process hearing for the alleged offending organization or individual to present evidence in their defense. In the event that the International Steering Committee finds against an offending Organization/individual, the organization/individual can be removed from the membership roles of the BIBC. The offending organization/individual can appeal to the next International Steering Committee meeting.

3. The International Steering Committee may appoint replacement representatives of the Steering Committee who have been removed or have resigned. The steering Committee will strive to maintain organizational diversity when making appointments.