Are mammograms healthy? Should women get them? What are your thoughts?

The article below was written by the courageous sister warrior healer Ajali Shabazz-Muhammad. It is about time that voices of dissent about mammograms begin to speak loudly and forcefully. What one must remember is that mammograms produce radiation and radiation exposure increases one’s chances of getting cancer. It is just that simple.

breastsShould You Get A Mammogram?
by Ajali Shabazz-Muhammad

A BELOVED Sister asked me a question:
“Peace Queen, I have a question for you please. What is a mammogram and do we as indigenous wombman take them?”
I answered: “That is an EXTRAORDINARILY EXCELLENT QUESTION, Dearest Sister Queen!!!! The quick and c-e-r-t-a-i-n answer is…

The long answer is? No woman should get this procedure. Mammograms are radiation and radiation CAUSES Cancer. A lot of women get this done, having been bullied into it by the constant propaganda. Women who’d have never had Breast Cancer in their LIVES (especially if they’re eating a healing diet). The first test may be survivable, but the doctors (who reap enormous profits) then tell you to come back EACH YEAR for more RADIATION.

When they finally, and but of course, detect a growth, they say, “THANK GOD YOU GOT REGULAR MAMMOGRAMS!” smh…
Self examination is a great option, but for confirmation if you find something, insist on eating or indulging in every carcinogenic behavior out there, or have a history in your family of Breast Cancer (by the way – Cancer does NOT have to be hereditary. Often it’s rotten family habits that get passed on generation after generation), then Thermography is as effective at finding tumors or growths as Mammography, but since it uses warmth to detect unnatural growths, it’s the treatment to use that won’t cause damage to your delicate breast tissue.

AND NEVER GET THOSE BARBARIC ‘PREVENTATIVE’ MASTECTOMIES. There are cures for every Cancer, almost weeks before a Western doctor predicts you’re doomed to die. But those natural cures are a tenth of a penny on every dollar the doctor makes off his patients’ disease when he’s in charge of the treatment that wouldn’t cure a fly – cause what’ll he give you? MORE RADIATION, or cut you up when how can a scalpel cut away every single mutated cell, while keeping the germ filled air that would cause more Cancer, from getting inside your opened incision?

Oh, then they have Chemotherapy for Cancer sufferers, developed from the deadly germ warfare from WWI. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? It’s all true. That stuff kills every cell in your body, way before the Cancer ever would have, on its own. Oh, and it’s so toxic, it’s causing severe health problems for the doctors and nurses who have to administer it.
You can’t make this stuff up.”

I edited my response for general reading and maybe, if You care, SHARING…

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  1. Candace Makeda Moore

    This article is extremely upsetting to me as a scientist, medical doctor and black woman. Often when we find breast cancer in black women it is fairly advanced probably in part because women are avoiding or unable to get mammorgrams. Even if this article is a joke, it is one in terrible taste. Many medical procedures use radiation, but we make a calculation about the risks versus the benfits. X-rays have radiation, but are you just going to let broken bones, heart failure and pneumonia go? I hope the publishers will read this and contact me. Let a real M.D. counter this nonsense with the facts. The truth is black women are not getting enough attention to their health, Articles like this do not help.

  2. Ashleigh

    As a healthcare professional, mother, and human being, this whole website is a disappointment. This website is being used to promote division among people based on race and providing information that is not based on fact that is able to be viewed by anyone. Shame on you.

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