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DO NOT MOURN, MAKE REVOLUTION INSTEAD! Celebrating the Life of Glen Ford – Saturday, Aug 7, 2021

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The Black Is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations will be having our 12th annual conference, August 7th and 8th, which will open with a tribute to our Beloved Co-founder and ReVolutionary Freedom Fighter, Glen Ford.
Our Brother LIVED and ACTED upon every word he put to paper, upon every call to action he made and the Black Is Back Coalition was a vehicle he co-created for the purpose of making revolution. The fact is that the DNA of this Coalition is inseparable from Glen Ford’s vision.
Our Brother co-authored the BIB 19 Point National Black Political Agenda for Self Determination, in which he worked with the steering committee for about a year to craft every word. And from the BIB’s inception, to the naming of the organization, to its principles of unity, Our Brother was actively involved in every aspect of this organization to make revolution happen.
We are a Coalition of activists and organizations who are boots on the ground and who are actively engaged with our community. And that is exactly how it was with Glen. That is exactly how he lived, right up until his last breath on this side of existence. And that is exactly what we will continue to do.
So at Black Is Back we will not mourn, we will make reVolution. We will go deeper and we will go harder. We will amplify and multiply our comrade’s voice. We will take Black Community Control of the Police! We will get Reparations! We will FREE All of our Political Prisoners. We will take Black community control of education, of healthcare, and of every aspect of our lives. We will continue to fight the forces of Imperialism, Colonialism, Capitalism and Militarism and WE WILL WIN.
And in Glen Ford’s memory, and the memory of so many other of our bold, revolutionary freedom fighters who have also joined the ancestors, we will have UHURU in our life time.