END STATE TERRORISM AGAINST AFRICAN WOMEN – Forum Saturday, April 30th in New York City


African Women are systemically under attack. From being subjected to police terrorism on a par with their African male counterpart, to being targeted by the World Health Organization and the medical establishment with deadly birth control (Depo Provera) known to cause sterilization and increase the spread aids. Black women are being targeted for genocide.

• A mother’s teenage son is removed from her home and convicted of a rape for which there was not a shred of evidence linking him to the crime, while in the meantime he and his family are vilified nationwide for a crime he did not commit;  a grandmother is getting dressed for work as police throw a flash grenade into her apartment (which was the wrong apartment) — she screams I can’t breathe and tells them of her heart condition, but they handcuff her anyway and within an hour  she is dead;  92 year old Katherine Johnson is murdered in her home over a no knock warrant; an officer murders 7 year old Aiyanna Jones as she sleeps on her couch;  a young Black girl is savagely attacked by the police while sitting in class and three young teenage girls drown in a pond as police watch their car go into the water and do nothing!   And the body of a young 37 year old Black woman has been sitting in a morgue since November 2015 because her only known living relative, her son, was unfairly taken into foster care as a child by the Division of Children and Families in NJ and now this department refuses to facilitate having him release the body so that the young woman’s community of friends can give her a proper burial.    These are the realities for African women in Amerikkka as Black mothers too numerous to count daily suffer the indignities of a system that sanctions the state murder, torture and abuse of their sons and daughters.

• Black communities are unknowingly being subjected to population control policies as organizations such as the UN, the Word Health Organization, and Planned Parenthood target Black women globally with Depo-Provera, the deadliest form of birth control, that among other things is known to cause sterilization and to increase the risk of contracting the AIDS virus. Black women make up over 84% of its users; European women are less than two percent.

• Human Trafficking is reaching epidemic proportions around the world, including the US where young Black girls are 40% of its victims. Fueled by poverty and despair, an overwhelming majority of these victims in the US come from the broken Foster Care system, which ages them out once they turn 18 and cuts off support services.  Children of African descent are disproportionately removed from their families as the system is known for aggressively punishing Black families and especially single Black mothers.

Join us to develope a plan of action:
Columbia University Mathematics Department
2990 Broadway Room 312
New York, NY 10027

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Sharonne Salaam:

Mother of Yusef Salaam, one of the teenagers who were maliciously convicted in the Central Park Jogger case, prison refom activist and lead organizer of the Justice 4 the Wrongfully Incarcerated Mother’s Day March to Albany beginning 5/8/16.

Jihadah Sharif

Director and Founder of the Creative Spirits of the State of New Jersey; youth advocate and foster care and prison reform advocate.

Lisa Davis:
Vice Chair of the Black Is Back (BIB) Coalition, Chair of the BIB Healthcare Working Group, member of the People’s Organization for Progress and the Creative Spirits of the State of New Jersey.

Kwame Fosu:
International Affairs Director & Policy Director at the Rebecca Project for Justice.

Tsigereda Schwoerer:
Member of BIB Healththcare Workingi Group, Black is Back Coalition

Vice Chairperson of Ethiopian People’s Congress for United Struggle (SHENGO) http://www.ethioshengo.org/

Vice Chairperson of The Ethiopian Medhin Democratic Party (MEDHIN) http://www.medhin.org/

Budget and Financial manager

African Internationalist, member of the Black Is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and

Reparations [2009], and the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement [2006].

Experienced in community organizing, working on programs such as the Uhuru Saturday school

and the “Free Da Mic” open mic shows. Now serving as the secretary of the Black Is Back