Below is a partial list of suggested readings highlighting the extensive and pervasive control that the US government seeks to have over every aspect of our existence.  We are living in a militarized state where the US government has been at war with

African and other non-white people since it’s inception.

Websites and online articles 

“Fact Sheet – New Attorney General Guidelines” – 

This article is from  2008 when under the  Bush Administration the FBI were given the power to investigate anyone they chose without any factual predicate

“The Origins of Modern Day Policing”   The origins of modern-day policing can be traced back to the “Slave Patrol.” The earliest formal slave patrol was created in the Carolinas in the early 1700s with one mission: to establish a system of terror and squash slave uprisings with the capacity to pursue, apprehend, and return runaway slaves to their owners. Tactics included the use of excessive force to control and produce desired slave behavior.

“Tracking Activists: The FBI’s Surveillance of Black Women Activists Then and Now”

Before Book Banning Wave, The FBI Spied on People’s Library habits.

New terrorism guide shows FBI still classifying Black ‘extremists’ as domestic terrorism threat.


The Federal Government’s Secret War on Black Activists


Invisible Men; A new book exposes the FBI’s obsession with black writers”


A short history of the U.S. war against Black musicians


The CIA Within Academe – Book documents how foreign and domestic intelligence agencies use — and perhaps exploit — higher education and academe for spy operations.


FBI Urges Universities To Monitor Some Chinese Students And Scholars In The U.S.

The FBI Wants Schools to Spy on Their Students Thoughts

The Case of Sacco and Vanzetti


How the US Spies on Medical NonProfits and Health Defenses Worldwide

How the Government Target Strange Fruit Singer Billie Holiday with Drug Arrests

Targeting Arab/Muslim/South Asian Americans:   Criminalization and Cultural Citizenship



Books and Films 


AGENTS OF REPRESSION: The FBI’s Secret Wars Against the Black Panther party and the American Indian Movement  by Ward Churchill




THE FBI WAR ON TUPAC SHAKUR – State Repression of Civil Rights Leaders by John Potash

DISRUPT, DISCREDIT, AND DIVIDE  – How The New FBI Damages Democracy, by Mike German

POISONER IN CHIEF: Sidney Gottlieb and the CIA Search for Mind Control, by Stephen Kinzer

Spate of awards-season films track FBI tactics against Black activists