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Comrades, brothers, and sisters, Revolutionary Greetings!

The Black Is Back Coalition for Peace, Social Justice and Reparation is calling on your support to conduct the National Conference for Black Community Control of the Police in Ferguson, Mo. as part of the necessary effort to provide leadership for the growing spontaneous actions regarding police terror in our communities that suffer for lack of a united, meaningful demand that will actually advance our struggle for African self-determination.

After six decades of Civilians Complaint Review Board (CCRB) and Citizens Police Review Board (CPRB), police terror in the black community has been on a steady increase with no relief in sight. For six decades, these boards have been investigating themselves. Our uncompromising demand is: BLACK COMMUNITY CONTROL OF THE POLICE. This demand will not be achieved without a fierce and united struggle of our movement.

I am writing to ask you to make a generous financial donation to Black is Back Coalition so we can continue to do the critical organizing required to bring African people back into political life. 2015 is going to be of critical significance for the Black is Back Coalition.

Your gift will make a huge difference. You know that the Black Is Back Coalition is not an event driven organization, we are engaged tirelessly in everyday issues that impact our communities all year round. The BIB Coalition recognizes the importance of rekindling our grassroots movement to oppose the creation of police review boards that promote social injustice against our people.

No other organization does as much as the BIB Coalition with the resources we get from the masses of our oppressed communities. Your continuous financial support shows you understand that we are the only ones that can fund our revolution to its logical conclusion.

Support the work you believe will bring freedom and self-determination.

The Black Is Back Coalition has been offering cutting edge analysis about our living conditions in the U.S particularly how the police treat black people in America. The black community is no more interested in “police review boards” or “commissions of inquiry” in police brutality cases but BLACK COMMUNITY CONTROL OF THE POLICE. Therefore, we need your additional financial assistance to continue this work.

Every donation that you make today will be a tax-deductible contribution. Donate at our website;

Send a check if you prefer to: 3143 Hawthorne DR. NE Washington DC. 20017;

Capital one Bank: Routing number: 255071981
Account number: 1360431270

Please show your support today. We can only do this with you and not without you.

Ousainou Mbenga