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The BIBC is Asking for Your Support for Our Brother Saladin Muhammad

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Our Brother Saladin has been a  freedom fighter for our people’s liberation and workers power for more than 50 years.  Besides the Black Workers For Justice, that he helped found and given of his heart and soul for the last 35 years, he has helped to found and built several organizations and coalitions.  His perseverance, principled stands, ferocity, concentration and dedication are legendary.  There are many of us who he has helped personally  – giving of his time, energy, resources and spirit.

As you may or may not know, because Saladin pretty much kept it to himself, he has been fighting a personal battle against  Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, a form of blood cancer that has now come back out of remission. He and fellow soldier, comrade and partner for 53 years, Naeema, have been shouldering the doctors visits, rounds of chemo and its debilitating side effects (although you know, he’ll never admit to them).  And he continues to organize, write, advise.  He played a fundamental role in establishing the Black Left Unity Network, and then the Black Liberation Unity Committee and the recent National Assembly for Black Liberation.

You also may know that while he has retired from his position as International Rep for the United Electrical Workers Union, worked a number of years as a paralegal at Legal Services,   as well as the old Philco Ford plant in Philadelphia, his retirement resources are no match for the cancer and other medical bills.

This next round of treatment  of 50 pills was first estimated to cost $4000.  But the pharmacy was “excited” to call Saladin & Naeema to tell them that they could get them for *ONLY* $2900 cash.

i’m asking if 29 of us, his fellow BWFJ members, friends, comrades each give $100, they will be able to afford this next round of treatment.  (Of course, if you give less, it will be gratefully accepted.) We don’t know what the future brings but we know that we want to help keep this freedom fighter with us,  and this freedom fighting family knowing that we support them and want the best.

Donations by check or money order may be sent to 735 Redgate Ave., Rocky Mount, NC 27801 and made out to Phillip White or Patricia White. A Paypal or Cash app account may be set up soon.  Please Direct All Inquiries To Naeema (252.314.0703) or myself.

In Struggle & Love,

shafeah m’balia