The Lynne Stewart Organization stands in solidarity with the statement below from Delbert Africa. Ralph Poynter- Black Is Back Coalition – Political Prisoners Working Group

June 2018
On The Move
I Have to say Long Live JOHN AFRICA FOREVER !!!  Yeah, because that is where I lay credit for Sister Debbie finally coming home! It is indeed a joyful moment to realize that one of my fellow MOVE 9 members has gotten this revolutionary activity over with, but make no mistake about it; this episode of systematic b.s. got me angry as hell! How dare these bastards try and create division and chaos by playing games with the women that Debbie left behind! I know there are people worldwide that rejoice in the fact that Debbie is home, just as The MOVE family does, but I’m telling y’all not to relax, don’t even think about giving this foul ass system breathing  room.
Now is the time to come at them even harder with conviction and determination! Make these suckas explain why Janine and Janet were not released along with Debbie! For everyone that has signed a petition, sent an email, made a phone call, written a letter, marched or however you raised protest over this unjust wrong imprisonment of The Move 9,  I’m urging you to increase your righteous activities! Celebrate the release of Debbie, but understand that this system has never done anything with or to MOVE out a sense of Justice, Fairness, or for right reasons! We are not gonna spend a lotta mental energy trying to figure out what these demons are up to. Rather the Remaining MOVE 9 pledge to stay committed and resolute in walking the revolutionary path that will lead to freedom for all political prisoners, will free the earth of pollution, stop the abuse of animal life, and eliminate this diseased oppressive system once and for all!!!.
Do not let these system demons appease your righteous indignation behind the release of Debbie! Let em know you resent and rebuke this half ass measure. Tell them you want all The Move 9 released RIGHT NOW !!!!
In Solidarity,
Delbert Africa
Minister Of Defense