A Call to attend The National Conference on the 2016 Election and the Struggle for Black Self-determination

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April 9, 2016  St. Mary’s Episcopal Church – 521 West 126 St., Harlem, NY 10027

The white rulers of the U.S. are attempting to frighten or seduce black people to accept the idea that the security, well being and happiness of African people should be determined by the Democratic and Republican parties of Bernie Sanders, Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump!

Terms like racist, fascist, socialist and revolution are being thrown around during the primary by ruling class media and even some activists and black militants.

For many the 2016 presidential election represents a do or die situation that suggests choices of a return to something akin to slavery or a future of socialist plenty that will conquer the big banks and provide universal health care, meaningful employment and a future of relative prosperity supported by a minimum wage hike.

The U.S.-initiated or supported wars that ravage Africa and contribute to its continued poverty and starvation going back as far as the kidnapping and enslavement of our people 600 years ago are being ignored by all the candidates.

The misery imposed on Haiti by the U.S. and its handmaiden, the United Nations is not even worth a discussion by the wealthy and well to do white people running for the U.S. presidency.

Not a single one of them has united with our call for black community control of the police in the face of the blatant police murder that has helped to shape public discussion since the August 9, 2014 uprising in Ferguson, Missouri after the police murder of 18-year-old unarmed Michael Brown.

None of them has protested the U.S. involvement in flooding the oil market by Saudi Arabia in order to destroy the economies of Russia, Venezuela, Iran and others the U.S. has deemed enemies to the white ruling class in the U.S.

There is no electoral discussion of an end to U.S. predatory wars against the peoples of the world, including the Palestinians being crushed daily by the white nationalist settler state of Israel in a manner similar to what happens to African people in the U.S. at the hands of the U.S.

Even the universal denunciation of Trump for plans to build a wall to keep the Mexican people out of the land only recently stolen from Mexico falls hollow in the face of total white ruling class support for the white nationalist state of Israel that has walled off most of the land whites have stolen from the Palestinians.

The Black is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations is also aware that none of the presidential candidates supports the just demand for reparations to African people for centuries of enslavement and brutality at the hands of white people and the U.S. government. This includes Bernie Sanders, the “socialist.”

We are aware that in the final analysis the issue is about power; it is about the right and ability of our people to exercise self-determination. This is the question that our community must address during this critical election season.

The Black is Back Coalition does not think that our future should be in the hands of the Democratic or Republican Party, but in the hands of black people ourselves.

This is a Call for black people to come out to this important conference to participate in the discussion about this upcoming election and support the work of the Coalition to advance the struggle for black self-determination.

Black Power Matters!


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  1. Nzingha Shabaka

    Where is information to join, (very important). I live in Louisiana and would like to join Black is Back Organization. Former member of NCOBRA, and former Prison Reformer.

  2. Arthur Mobley

    Since the days of Fredrick Douglas and Harriet Tubman, black people have struggled to define policies and build strategies for liberation and self determination.

    We’ve produced some valuable leaders and who have in turn, given us brilliant tactical guidance. Marcus Garvey’s Back-to-Africa Movement lead to profound liberation develops that outstretched American shores. The boldness of Garvey responded to the rise of the KKK and the attendant mindsets of repression.

    I hope to see this conference build beyond the Garvey, DuBois, Malcolm, Nkrumah, King, Black Panther, NOI and BLM intellectual dictums.

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