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Black is Back Coalition official statement: U.S. out of Syria; police out of the African Community!

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The Black is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations (BiBC) condemns in the strongest possible terms the lawless bombing of Syria by the imperialist bandits of the U.S., France and England.

We know that the proclaimed reason for the illegal action by the U.S. and the colonial powers of France and England was contrived to justify escalation of the war against the Syrian people and government by the U.S. following the recent declaration of U.S. President Donald Trump that U.S. troops would be withdrawn from its colonial occupation of that land.

Chief proponents of a strong military presence in Syria include the illegitimate white settler state of Israel that functions as a forward military base for U.S. imperialist parasitic interests in the Middle East and Persian Gulf and some components of the U.S. security State.

The Black is Back Coalition knows that the story of Syrian use of chemical weapons against the Al Qaeda and other terrorist forces warring against the government of Syria is contrived because the U.S. was itself involved in the 2013 and 2014 inspections of Syrian chemical weapons materials and capacity and participated in their destruction.

We recognize that if it is at all true that chemical weapons were actually used in Syria there is a greater likelihood that they were used by the warmongering state of Israel or by elements of the U.S. State opposed to U.S. military withdrawal from the region.

The Black is Back Coalition is accustomed to the lies of the U.S. government and its several police agencies every time they murder unarmed black men, women and children throughout the U.S.

We also oppose the aggression against the people and government of Syria because African people refuse to be cannon fodder for any more of the unjust wars of U.S. imperialism. To paraphrase Muhammad Ali when he refused to be drafted into the U.S. army to fight against the courageous Vietnamese people in the nineteen sixties:

“Ain’t no Syrian police killing black people in the U.S.”

When it comes to fighting a war against the people and government of Syria or any other oppressed people of the world for the white nationalist U.S. imperialist government, the Black is Back Coalition, remembering the words of the U.S.-assassinated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. that the U.S. is the greatest “purveyor of violence” in the world, say, “Hell no, we won’t go”!

The BiBC recognizes the bombing of Syria as an attempt to degrade the capacity of the Syrian government to complete the defeat of Al Qaeda and other Jihadist terrorist organizations long supported by the U.S. in its efforts to overturn the Syrian government and protect the illegitimate white settler state of Israel. The bombing of Syria at this time exposes the U.S., France and England as objective allies of the same Al Qaeda they claim to be fighting.

The Black is Back Coalition also recognizes the duplicity of the logic that the attack on Syria is defense of the Syrian people from the government of Bashar Assad who it is claimed ins using chemical weapons “against his own people.”

We recognize that if this logic were to be applied to the U.S., Russia or any other power would be justified in bombing Ferguson, Missouri or any police station in the U.S. with a sizable black population because of the violence and murderous brutality imposed on Africans from these institutions every day of the year.

The Black is Back Coalition is calling on all African and freedom-loving people to reject this brutal act of colonial aggression against the Syrian people who have been suffering the consequences of imperialist-inspired and led war for the last seven years.

Since the beginning of that war a half million Syrians have been killed, a million injured, 4.5 million Syrians, mostly women and children, turned into terrified refugees who have been treated by France, England and the U.S. as undesirable pariahs as they have attempted to enter into these countries that now use the pretext of concern for their well-being as justification for a brutal attack that rained more than 100 missiles on their suffering country.

We recognize that the state of Israel— that has illegally occupyingied the Golan Heights—, more than 600 square miles of Syrian territory since 1967—, also has many of the same political features as the U.S., itself being a white nationalist settler state created on stolen land and noted for its concentration camps, euphemistically called Indian reservations and prisons, where Africans and the indigenous constitute at least half of the two and one half million captives.

The Black is Back Coalitions is calling on Coalition member organizations,  and Africans and all freedom loving people to initiate and join in any and all political actions to protest the U.S.-led missile attack on Syria.

Join us in declaring with a deafening cry:

U.S. out of Syria! Police out of the black community!