You are currently viewing As China Moves Towards Recovery, the US Has Become the Epicenter  of the Pandemic with the Worst  Record in the World and More Deaths Than Any Other Country  — Why IS this and How Can We In the  Black Community Protect Ourselves and Fight Back?

As China Moves Towards Recovery, the US Has Become the Epicenter of the Pandemic with the Worst Record in the World and More Deaths Than Any Other Country — Why IS this and How Can We In the Black Community Protect Ourselves and Fight Back?


After 10 days of practical exploration by the medical team and repeated discussions by the expert group, our expert group proposed a specific plan for the combination of high-dose vitamin C to treat the new crown, and achieved good results in clinical applications. Our treatment plan is generally summarized as “early, adequate, short course, combined.”   . . . Xi’ang Jiaontong Hospital


Since neither the United States NOR Europe have any standing when it comes to combatting COVID-19 (the US has the highest number of cases and the highest number of deaths of any country, and Europe has the highest number of infections and the highest number of deaths of any continent.), the Black Is Back Coalition remains committed to providing our people with the most empowering information to ensure to that we can win the battle against this disease and that we can turn the tide around in our community against this pandemic, as well as other diseases.   And in spite of the United States’ nefarious tactics to divert attention from its complete ineptness in fighting the pandemic by insinuating that China is being deceptive about its figures, the facts show that China has a proven track record. We therefore present the protocols that some hospitals in China have published should you find that either you or your loved ones are hospitalized for COVID-19. And since we are not doctors, we cannot endorse these protocols, but we can inform you of them so that you can print them out and take them to the hospital so that you can broaden your discussions about treatment and help to ensure that your loved ones make it out of the hospital..   

We now have quite a bit of information available to make important comparative analysis between the countries that have the best approach and most success with combating COVID-19. And when we compare the numbers of the US and other western countries hit with the pandemic with that of China’s, it is clear that China did a momentous job in battling the plague and in protecting the lives of its citizens.   As of 5/8  China’s total number of infected people is 82,886; and the total number of deaths out of more than a billion people is 4,633 .   The US on the other hand has more than ten times the total of infections that China has, with its total being at 1,317,852 and its total number of deaths being 78,563 .   And the US numbers increase exponentially every single day.   To illustrate on 3/24 the total deaths for the US was  778 and for China it was 3,281.  Which means that within less than two month’s time the number of deaths for the US increased by  77,785, while the numbers of deaths for China increased by only 1,352. This is clearly alarming and people in the United States,especially the Black community since we are the ones bearing the brunt of this numbers, need to closely examine what is happening here.

First, it is important to clear up the US disinformation campaign as this country and  its tool of oppression, its mainstream media, seek to solely blame China for the outbreak and spread of this pandemic.    And be clear, while nothing in this article is meant to absolve the Chinese government in any way of any malfeasance it may have engaged in regarding COVID-19, nor does it excuse any incidences of racism currently taking place there, it is important for the Black revolutionary struggle that we always engage in critical analyses and be ready to speak truth to power, as engaging in delusions and myth making has never empowered us.  

Here are the facts.   The first known case of any person exhibiting symptoms of what is now known as COVID-19 was registered on December 1, 2019 in Hubei Province in China.   And when certain doctors began to notice a cluster of people coming into the hospitals with advanced cases of pneumonia due to a previously unknown virus, they began to sound the alarm about a potential outbreak.  Between December 18 – 29th members of the Wuhan Institute of Virology began publishing reports about an outbreak of people with severe pneumonia.     Dr Zhang Jixian, of the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine of Hubei Province Hospital of Integrated and Chinese and Western Medicine, Dr Li Wenliang (an ophthalmologist from Wuhan Central Hospital) and Dr. Ai Fen (chief of the department of emergency treatment at Wuhan Central Hospital were among the first physicians to begin reporting about the dangerous clusters they were seeing.   On December 26th  reports were made to China’s Center for Disease Control.   On December 29th  China’s CDC sent experts to investigate the mysterious cases.   On December 31st, China informed the world via the World Health Organization.     On January 3rd, 2020, the virus was identified, and a week later the genetic sequence had also been released to the WHO, thus,  enabling scientists around the world to begin formulating various medicines.

The US, on the other hand, took a completely different approach.  When the WHO declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) on January 30th, 2020, it urged other countries to prepare for containment of the pandemic by among other things, utilizing early detection methods.   But instead, the Trump administration chose to respond with the typical racism that is embedded in every aspect of this country, labelled it a Chinese disease, and immediately banned “foreign nationals” (ie Chinese people) from entering into the country from China.   Americans on the other hand were allowed to travel freely in and out of China, leaving one to believe that the president really is simple minded enough to have believed that this really was a “Chinese” disease that affected only Chinese people.

But the purpose of this article is not to focus on the socio-political differences between the ways in  which the two countries responded to the pandemic (that will be discussed in depth in a forthcoming article).   Rather it is to draw much needed attention to the differences in the medical philosophies and treatment . of two of the main countries being plagued by the pandemic and how that affects outcomes.  The numbers are screaming a compelling truth that we must hear if we are to come through this pandemic stronger and in tact. And while the rate of infections may speak to the ability of a country’s infrastructure to manage early detection systems,  the numbers of deaths speak directly to a country’s ability to medically treat a disease..      

Throughout this entire pandemic China has taken an all hands on deck approach to stopping it, and is utilizing the best available information from all sources.  China has consistently touted nutritional therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM), Vitamin C Infusions, Cuba’s antiviral medications such as Interferon Alpha 2B, along with traditional western medications..  The Chinese Government incorporates TCM practices and nutrition into its healthcare policy and within the past 10 years it committed to mainstreaming TCM practices into its healthcare services.  From 2006 to 2017 the number of Board Certified Licensed TCM physicians increased from 0:39 per 10, 000, to 1:34.     During the SARS epidemic in 2003, TCM practices achieved remarkable results.  And TCM was comprehensively employed throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, with practitioners working on over 60,000 patients, employing a combination of herbal remedies, acupuncture, massage therapy, vitamins, etc.      In fact, the National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China reported that of the people who were infected with COVID-19, at least 90 % took some form of Traditional Chinese Medicine. And the citizens of China are also encouraged to build up their immune systems as well.

The US on the other hand has politicized and weaponized this pandemic.  While China willingly reached out to all countries for assistance and to  provide aid to them as well, the US has done just the opposite. It has revved up its immoral, crippling sanctions against countries such as Iran and Venezuela, in spite of Iran’s  impassioned plea for the sanctions to be lifted so that it could get its citizens the medical supplies they needed to live.   

Moreover, Cuba has an antiviral medication, Interferon Alpha 2B,  that has been shown to be very effective in the fight against COVID-19.    Cuba’s Medical Brigade has been active in China since January and the drug is reported to have helped at least 1900 patients.   South Korea has had great success with the drug as well.  Germany is also using the medication and has a much lower rate of death than places like France, the US, the UK and Spain.   And when the European Union turned its back on Italy, Cuba sent in a team of 50 doctors to help that country.    But yet the US prefers to allow its citizens to die in untold numbers by ignoring Cuba’s successful medicines so that the US can  advance it’s corrupt hegemonic agenda. And the FDA is complicit in this scheme for it was given the complete authority to review and approve pharmaceutical drugs from Cuba and to supply them to the US public, but it also ignores the success of medications from Cuba and has not approved them for use in the US..   And because of the success of the Medical Brigade, the US seeks to sabotage its efforts by engaging in baseless smear campaigns and planting false accusations of abuse and corruption in the mainstream media.   

As for the preventative care that this government advises for people to utilize, there is none.   We are on our own and are only told to stay away from germs and to wait for a vaccine. The CDC, which ironically stands for the Center for Disease Control and PREVENTION, has completely removed nutrition from the equation of overcoming and preventing diseases.   And organizations such as the American Medical Association and the World Health Organization are no better, as they repeatedly blast the mantra that there is no treatment for this disease and that we must isolate ourselves until there is a vaccine.    A closer examination of these organizations show their inextricable links to Big Pharma. Members of the CDC own numerous patents associated with vaccines and often receive funding for their work and the World Health Organization receives millions of dollars in funding from the pharmaceutical industry.   The WHO has partnered with FB to prevent nutritional information from being disseminated and to flag any posts criticizing vaccines.   (The Black Is Back Health for the Revolution Face Back has been a consistent target of FB, as they have flagged our page for putting out information about Vitamin C and about how elderly people in China have been healed from this disease via TCM.)   In the meantime as more and more people die everyday, Donald Trump sees this as an opportunity for him and his partners to make windfall profits from promoting Hydroxychloroquine, which is produced by Sanofi, a company in which Trump’s family ties has investments.   

Black people, this colonialist, parasitic, beast of a system will never save us!  Unfortunately, the statistics are bearing this to be true as we learn every day that it is the Black community who is dying the most from COVID-19.  We are our own saviors and our own liberators! The only people Black/African people need to survive are Black/African people! While there is always room for all people to stand on the right side of justice with us, we are the people who are critical to our survival.  We need each other – NOT this colonialist government! And it is imperative that we change our relationship to this colonizer’s system of predatory healthcare.  

The Black Is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations is determined to give our people the information we need to survive this pandemic.   Toward that goal, we proudly publish the intravenous Vitamin C treatment that hospitals in China used to help their patients recover from this deadly virus. Should you find yourself needing to be hospitalized, we encourage you to print out these protocols, to take them with you to discuss with your health care practitioners.  And should you have family members in the hospital suffering from COVID-19, we encourage you to share these protocols with their healthcare providers in the hospital as well. While we are not doctors and can not give advice, we can not endorse these treatments. But we can provide our people with empowering information, backed by research, to present to the doctors and hospitals so that we can be informed about various successful and non-invasive treatments such as vitamin therapy, etc. and consult with the doctors about making them a part of our protocols.     It is time that we fully understand and embrace that the success for our survival in these colonialist medical institutions lies within us.   To print out the Intravenous Vitamin C Protocols from the Second Affiliated Hospital of Xi’ang Jiaontong in China, click here.




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