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BIBC Member Organization, Unanimous is Not Enough Rally!

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Globally, Men and Women have been unjustly incarcerated; especially in the State of Louisiana. “A Force for Justice,” a live Radio Broadcast Show, hosted by the CEO and Founder, Belinda Parker-Brown, will RALLY on the STEPS in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We anticipate over 10,000 people to attend.

Under the leadership of Louisiana United International (LUI), the Unanimous Is Not Enough campaign is the collaborative effort of civil rights, faith-based and community organizations, activists, as well as other stakeholders, all dedicated to correcting the unintended injustice of Louisiana’s recently enacted unanimous jury verdict law.

For our rally there are scheduled professionals, and many Corporations, such as:

Entertainment, Celebrity Guests, Testimonials from Overturned Cases;

Global Sponsors, Radio Stations, Universities, Social Media Connections, Entertainers;

Live Radio Podcasts, Hosts, Advertising Guests; and
Various Disc Jockeys throughout the South and States will UNITE for a SOCIAL and ECONOMIC cause.

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