Support prisoner resistance on Sept. 9th, the 45th Anniversary of the Attica prison uprising

End Prison Slavery2The Black is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations  (BIBC)unites with the call by the NJ Decarcerate the Garden State and the People’s Organization for Progress to stand in solidarity on September 9th,  the 45th anniversary of the Attica Prison uprising, with those who are currently incarcerated who are demanding an end  to prison slave labor and who are also demanding an end to the brutal, horrific injustices of the prison industrial complex.    The prison system has never been about rehabilitation, but is instead another corporate sham, whereby private industries are allowed to own prisons and to make massive profits from the over incarceration of communities of color for non-violent offenses.  And whereby the 13th amendment literally allows for the continuation of slavery for those who have been convicted of a crime, people who are incarcerated are forced to work for these corporations while locked up for little to no pay.    In addition to being sentenced to prison slavery, many on the inside are forced to live in squalid conditions, and are denied the most basic rights to health and nutritional needs.   We must never allow the government to use euphemisms such as “prison,” when in reality the proper term to be used regarding our more serious political prisoners is “Death Camps.”  This September 9th the BIBC is calling for our comrades nationwide to stand in solidarity with those who are calling for a prison work stoppage by holding protests in front of federal and county courts, posting videos of support, etc.    For more information, please click here.

Free All Political Prisoners!
Ralph Poynter
Chair of the BIB Political Prisoner’s Working Group