Black is Back Coalition protests NYPD shooting in Times Square

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On Tuesday, September 17 the Black is Back Coalition (BIBC) held a demonstration at Times Square directly across from the New York police department (NYPD) station in response to the NYPD’s shooting into a crowd of onlookers in their attempt to gun down an African man. In the process, two women were shot.

Those gathered called out the NYPD for this recent event and spoke out on other acts of oppression against the general public, including:

  • Times Square’s traditional hostility to the presence of Africans, and
  • The NYPD’s blatant disregard for African and all the people of New York’s safety

It has been documented that in 2012 every 28 hours the police or white vigilantes killed an African somewhere in the United States.

The Black is Back Coalition is an organization of different organizations, activists and victims of police violence and other forms of U.S. government oppression. We believe that we must build a movement to lead the people to fight for true power and liberation.