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Call to Black People’s March on White House November 6 – 7, 2021

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Deepening the Resistance to Police Terror: Honoring our Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War – Black Community Control of the Police!

The Black is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations is holding its annual rally, March on the White House and conference on November 6 and 7, 2021. It is part of the continuous work to destroy the colonial stranglehold the U.S. has on African people. 

This is a call for you to join in this escalating struggle of the oppressed to overturn the colonial-capitalist system that thrust itself into existence 600 years ago with the 1415 Portuguese initiation of the European trade in black bodies that were colonized in Africa and dispersed throughout the world.

The colonial enslavement of our people was the bridge between European feudalism and capitalism that wreaks havoc on the happiness, lives and resources of all the peoples of the world. 

Colonialism is a mode of production that changed the world. It made Europe wealthy, the rest of us impoverished and gave birth to the existing world economy and the system of capitalism.

Indeed, the existing political and economic configuration of the world is maintained globally by structures that facilitate the parasitic attachment through which colonial-capitalism loots and starves Africa, Africans and the world that functions as its host.

This call by the Black is Back Coalition for a rally, march and conference under the theme, “Deepening the Resistance to Police Terror: Honoring our Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War – Black Community Control of the Police!” is a call to actively join in the critical anti-colonial resistance that is shaking the system of white power to its very foundation.

It is a call to deepen the existential crisis of a social system originating from colonial slavery, to join with our starving people throughout the African world, especially in Africa, but also in Europe, the Caribbean, throughout the Americas, the Pacific Islands and wherever we exist under the domination of direct or indirect colonial white power.

It is an incredibly powerful moment in history and our existence and presence in every place we have been forcibly dispersed globally gives it greater urgency and significance.

Today, everyone can see the fracturing of this social system, this particular world order, even though they may not exactly understand what they are seeing. The evidence of it is everywhere.

One of the most striking manifestations of this crisis is the fact that the United States government, which for the last 75 years or more, since the end of the second imperialist World War to divide the world, has been the chief hegemon, the powerful force, the glue, that has held the entire system together, has suffered an obvious and devastating loss in Afghanistan after 20 years of colonial occupation.

And while the United States and its minions will do everything they can to disguise this fact or to obscure this reality, the U.S. did suffer a loss and they suffered this loss to the people of an extremely impoverished country. In many ways the poverty of the people in Afghanistan approximates that which we find in north St. Louis, U.S.A or in Lungi in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

In Viet Nam, another small country, poor and impoverished people who had lived under colonial domination for a long period of time and who had to fight the Japanese, defeat the French and finally the U.S., provided the example for the colonized of the world that an organized people under determined revolutionary leadership, could indeed defeat powerful colonizers. 

For a long period of time, the U.S. and the white colonizer population in America, suffered from what was characterized as the “Viet Nam Syndrome.” They were hesitant to fight any colonial war because of the humiliating defeat the U.S. suffered in Viet Nam.

Now, with its loss in Afghanistan, the crisis of the colonial capitalist system permeates every aspect of U.S. global power. In Venezuela and throughout the Americas; in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, the Middle East, and Persian Gulf; in the U.S., where in a three-month period between May 26 and mid-August 2020, there were more than 10,000 protests and uprisings led by domestically colonized African people.

This is the knot of contradictions that contributed to fracturing the colonizer society and a near-coup against the U.S. government by white settler-colonialists on January 6 of this year.

Every critical question revolves around the continued existence of the frayed, oppressive, colonial-capitalist social system that is being fought on virtually every continent. 

The Black is Back Coalition has boldly taken up the mantle to advance the struggle to end the relentless police murders of our people and to liberate our Freedom Fighters from the U.S. prison death camps.  

Along with the colonized peoples of the world we are actively, militantly, rejecting our role as host to a dying parasitic world order. This is the meaning of the slogan for our November 6 and 7, 2021 Black is Back conference. 

Join us in Deepening the Struggle Against Police Terror and Honoring our Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War! Black Community Control of the Police!

We are winning! 

Black is Back Coalition’s 13th Annual Black People’s March on the White House

November 06, 2021 – Malcolm X Park (Meridian Hill Park) – 12pm Noon

16th St NW &, W St NW

Washington, DC 20009

Virtual Conference

November 07, 2021 – REGISTER at 

For more information call: 786-505-9859