You are currently viewing Chairman Omali Yeshitela’s Call to the BIBC 12th Annual Conference Aug 7 & 8

Chairman Omali Yeshitela’s Call to the BIBC 12th Annual Conference Aug 7 & 8

On August 7th and 8th, 2021, the Black is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations (BiBC) will be hosting our 12th Annual Conference. It will be a virtual conference, designed to take our struggle forward during the ever-deepening crisis enveloping the U.S. and the colonial-capitalist world.

The theme of this conference,  “Deepening the Resistance to Police Terror: Honoring our Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War. Black Community Control of the Police,” is designed to establish a coherent mission for the Coalition and define the tasks of the U.S.-based Black Liberation Movement at this time.

This is a Call to Africans and others who support the ongoing, irrepressible movement of our people for self-determination against U.S. domestic colonialism.

The May 25, 2020 grotesque police murder of George Floyd and the three months of more than 10,000 demonstrations and uprisings within the U.S. as well as others supporting our struggle in 60 different countries clearly reveal that the time is ripe to escalate our fight.

The Coalition was formed in September 2009 and is now composed of 18 different independent organizations that are united in our quest for self-determination and other basic democratic anti-imperialist principles. As such we have made major contributions in overcoming much of the ideological, political and organizational disarray left in the wake of the U.S. counterinsurgency with its tactics of mass imprisonment of our people, assassinations, political imprisonment and slander. 

The fact that our Coalition has survived and developed for 12 years, that we have addressed the fundamental questions confronting our movement and formulated and advanced the much needed unifying revolutionary national democratic program consisting of the National Black Political Agenda for Self-Determination are some of the reasons you can attend this August National Conference with great confidence. 

Now it is the colonial-capitalist project that is experiencing and demonstrating extreme disarray and incoherence globally.

The political terrain within the U.S. grows ever more unstable and uncertain. The current U.S. president is considered illegitimate by a sizable portion of the white settler population that, like his predecessor, consider his election as fraudulent. The thousands of white settler-colonialists who protested the formal installation of this U.S. president, many of whom publicly participated in a near-coup in January, harbor deep suspicions of the ability of the colonial-capitalist government to justly serve the interests of the settler-colonialist population.

More than 40 state legislatures have initiated or are considering initiation of laws restricting the rights and/or ability of African and other colonial subjects to freely participate in the electoral process within their states.

Several state legislatures are creating laws limiting, prohibiting and/or criminalizing protest against police violence and other instances of colonial government terror directed against our people and others.

African and other colonized peoples within current U.S. borders are engaged in organized acts of resistance that promise to become  permanent features of political life in the U.S.

The political disarray and growing loss of U.S. prestige globally is resulting in recalibration of relations within the existing political and economic configuration. China has emerged fully as a rising, contending political and economic power at the expense of U.S. primacy. Russia, too, has defied the predictions of its demise with the dissolution of the former Soviet Union that once played a major role as a countervailing global power checking U.S. supremacy. Alliances in Europe and Asia, including the Middle East, once thought to have been firmly ensconced within the U.S. constellation of minions, are rapidly shifting, responding to their own self-defined interests.

The Black is Back National Conference is occurring during this period of a critically-fractured and irreversibly weakened oppressive colonial-capitalist system. It is a system that is engaged in questioning its own legitimacy and future. Its bluster within and globally is evidence of weakness, not strength. It’s growing features of repression are but statements of political and economic fragility. 

It is not a democratic colonial capitalism that can tolerate free speech when evidence of its rot and colonial cruelty percolates in public view and mass consciousness.

This is our time. We must deepen the resistance – to police terror and all attempts to protect a status quo of colonial domination of our people and others suffering expropriation of the right to self-determination.

We must honor our political prisoners and prisoners of war. Celebrate their heroism and sacrifice. Extol their actions as examples to be emulated. Our exposure of their existence and mass struggle to win their release also contribute to the crisis of U.S. colonial capitalism that is due in part to the resistance demonstrated by our people and allies to the blatant murder of Africans colonized within current U.S. borders

We must wage an unrelenting struggle for black community control of the police. This is the democratic demand that contrasts with a simpering declaration that black lives matter under colonialism when the lives of the colonized do not matter at all and when clarity and direction are demanded of us and the slogans we take to the people in our struggle for self-determination and Black power in our own hands!

Resistance now, more than ever!

Deepen the Resistance!

Honor our Political Prisoners!

Black Community Control of the Police!