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Donate to the “Black Power Matters” march on the white house!

On November 7 the Black is Back Coalition for Social justice, Peace and Reparations will host what is arguably the most important political mobilization and conference since the massive outpouring of spontaneous protests in the U.S. following to the police murder of George Floyd on May 25.

The theme of the march on the white house in Washington, DC and conference is: “Black Power Matters! Down with Colonialism! Black Community Control of the Police!”

You have an opportunity to guarantee the success of this political event that can give hundreds of people an opportunity to deliver a coherent message to the big money and white power politicians who think we have no alternative to their preferred spokespersons of the Republican and democratic parties as conveyors of our interests.

Our Coalition is comprised of 17 different organizations spanning the ideological spectrum of African organizations committed to self-determination. November 7th and 8th will provide the more than 8,000 protests that occurred in 2,440 locations in the all 50 states of the U.S.  following Floyd’s murder a unifying set of demands that address the brutal colonial conditions of African people that affect everyone in the U.S. and globally.

With your financial support the Coalition can wipe the smug arrogance from the faces of inept, callous and bogus leaders with a massive turnout to put forward a People’s Agenda to be fought for by the people whatever the outcome of the November presidential election.

This is a time when the people of the U.S. and the world have shuddered with disgust and anxiety at the possibility of either of the ruling party presidential candidates  assuming the façade of legitimate leadership.

None of the issues surrounding the police murder and historical oppression and exploitation of the African community that pushed thousands of people into protest and rebellion throughout the U.S. has been addressed by the platforms of either ruling class candidate.

No genuine discussion of the weaponization of the pandemic, that is killing African people 2.5 times the rate of white people has been addressed by either candidate. Nor has either of them talked about emptying the U.S. prison system holding hundreds of thousands of Africans behind bars, turning our community into one of broken families.

Free all political prisoners! Reparations as the only sound and logical response to the growing immiseration of African working people upon whose backs the whole rotten parasitic colonial-capitalist system rests.

These are just some of the issues found in our Coalition’s National Black Political Agenda for Self-determination. These, with all the others attached to our plight as an exploited and perennially oppressed African population will be at the heart of our November 7 and 8th political event.

On November 7th hundreds of us will rally at Malcolm X Park in Washington, DC. This will be the people’s political convention, speaking boldly to our issues that the conventions of the two ruling parties dared not address.

Our signs and banners will contribute to the leadership of African women in destroying the colonialism that has historically imposed a special weight on their shoulders.

U.S. Out of Africa! Victory to the People of Palestine! Death to settler-colonialism in Occupied Palestine and the U.S!

Black Power Matters! Down with Colonialism!

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